Tohatsu four stroke, 2 stroke (for commercal use and racing) and TLDi outboards. M.E.S. Marine are proud to be one of the UK's top Tohatsu outboard main agents with a consistently high volume of sales. This is thanks to the expertise of our team and the trust we have in the quality, reliability and competitive price of Tohatsu outboards. Tohatsu outboards have a proven track record in commercial, race and leisure markets. NEW - FREE SEVEN YEAR WARRANTY.

We are determined not to be beaten on price and quality of service for Tohatsu outboards in the UK. Please contact us on 01244 289977. We carry many Tohatsu outboards in stock for immediate delivery.

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Why choose Tohatsu Outboards?

Tohatsu outboards capably serve a variety of marketplaces: commercial fishing, military, marine transport, surf life saving, recreation and competition racing. Tohatsu are the second largest producer of outboards in the world and a leader in innovative design with the environmentally conscious TLDI series of Two-stroke Low pressure Direct Injection, DFI, outboards that meet current EPA regulations. Mercury outboards from 30 hp and below are rebadged Tohatsus. All Nissan outboard engines in North America are Tohatsus with a Nissan decal. In 2011, Tohatsu and Evinrude Outboard Motors made a deal to make smaller engines ranging from 15 HP and down with Evinrude decals.

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Tohatsu 4 Strokes

Tohatsu's first priority when developing these engines was to make them lightweight and compact without compromising reliability or the quality performance associated with the Tohatsu brand name. Manufactured in the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Japan, they have maintained the durable standard features that Tohatsu owners appreciate while making fuel-efficient 4-strokes that are easy to transport.

NEW Tohatsu outboards now come with a free seven year warranty registered for leisure use in the UK and Eire. To qualify customers should adhere to the regular service intervals as specified in the Warranty Handbook.


Portable and smaller range Tohatsu four stroke outboards
Tohatsu 2.5 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 3.5 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 4 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 5 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 6 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 8 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 9.8 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 15 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 20 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 25 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 30 hp Four Stroke
Mid range Tohatsu four stroke outboards
Tohatsu 40 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 50 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 60 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 75 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 90 hp Four Stroke
Large Tohatsu four stroke outboards
Tohatsu 115 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 150 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 200 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 225 hp Four Stroke
Tohatsu 250 hp Four Stroke

Tohatsu TLDI Models

The TLDI® Series are Tohatsu's award winning outboard motors that have an established reputation for being compact in size while demonstrating highly desired features such as low emissions and high fuel economy that are demanded by the new generation of boaters.

They are powered by a direct fuel injection system and a 32-bit ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU gives precise fuel injection instructions in accordance to the operating conditions detected by the multiple sensors located on the motor.

The TLDI® outboard motors meet all of the 2006 emission regulations stipulated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resources Board).


Tohatsu 40 hp TLDi
Tohatsu 50 hp TLDi
Tohatsu 75 hp TLDi
Tohatsu 90 hp TLDi

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  • FREE first service
Tohatsu 115 hp TLDi


We are determined not to be beaten on price and quality of service

Please contact us on 01244 289977

We carry many outboards in stock for immediate delivery


Tohatsu 2 stroke outboards are available from M.E.S. Marine for commercial and racing use only. (New two stroke outboards are not available to the leisure market due to emissions regulations)


About Tohatsu Outboards

In 1956, Tohatsu produced the first outboard motor in Japan, the "OB-2", an air-cooled 1.5 horsepower machine. Originally designed for Japanese commercial fishermen, Tohatsu Outboards have been put to the ultimate test for decades - harsh ocean conditions and long days of running for hours at a time. A further testament to Tohatsu's toughness the 2.5hp still holds the world record for the smallest outboard ever used to cross the Atlantic.

Tohatsu has steadily increased brand recognition through the development of marine products such as four-stroke and TLDI® outboard motors. Tohatsu strengthens their position as a "pioneer of outboard motors" by continuing to work toward the development of powerful, low emission engines. Tohatsu strongly believes in offering reliable products that meet the gentle needs of the environment while also providing exceptional power and unmatched durability.

In January 2005, Tohatsu opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the mountainous area of central Japan that boasts over 370,000 sq. ft. of space and has a production capacity of over 200,000 units per year. Tohatsu's new plant uses technologically advanced machinery that is fully automated to produce reliable outboards with award winning reputations. All Tohatsu outboards are produced in their state-of-the-art factory located in Komagane, Japan.



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